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Must-Have Styles for Any Shoe Collection


While it is true that you should let your intuition be your guide in most things, sometimes a great shoe sale can lead you astray. You may come home with eight pairs of cute kitten heels that were excellent deals, but you might also be missing out on some essential purchases that are a must for any shoe collection.

So, instead of focusing on a single type of shoe (and you know that you do! We all have that one kind of shoe of that we love and tend to buy over and over again.) Check out this list of must-haves and make sure to add them to your shoe collection:

1) Black Pumps: Start with a basic black pump. At Millions of Shoes, we offer you stiletto, or open toe and platform, all excellent ways to add great glam to your night out! Whatever way you wear it, whether you prefer a pointed toe or a rounded one, a black pump is a must for your shoe collection. This versatile shoe can go anywhere: It is perfect for a day at work or a night out. It works with a suit or a dress. A pair of black pumps can be found at nearly any price point, too, but this is one that you will want to invest in, because it can be worn with anything and simply will not go out of style, so make sure this pair of shoes is comfy! Of course, at Millions of Shoes, we always offer you styles that you can afford; you will always payless with our selection.

2) Nude Heels: Nude heels are perfect for making your legs looking longer, and they work with both jeans and dresses. With nude heels, the trick is really trying to match your skin tone. Don't worry, though, there is a secret: Go with a pink hue if you are doubt! This tends to match most light skin tones.

3) Ballet Flats: Ballet flats tend to be fun and comfortable. These are definitely a pair of shoes that every woman should have in her closet. They are great for work or play. Perfect for mid-length skirts, jeans and even capri pants, they are just the thing for days when your feet need a break from heels. Add great glam to these feminine shoes with our rhinestone options!

4) Kitten Heels: If you hate high heels, or are trying to swear them off completely, kitten heels could be your new best friend. Kitten heels give you just a bit of height but still let your feet have a little rest. There are so many different styles, too, so your taste and style can really be reflected.

5) Party Heels: For great glam this season, add a pair of party heels to your collection! No matter what they feature, jewels, metals, or even glitter, a pair of heels that make a statement will turn heads. Sure, they may be trendy, but you don't have to splurge. Remember at Millions of Shoes you always payless.

6) High Heel Sandals: Look for mid to high heel sandals in neutral colors. These are a summer staple but can often be worn in the fall, too. Pair them with a dress or jeans. An Ankle Strap or T-strap is both comfortable and stylish. Remember that simplicity is key.

At Millions of Shoes we never buy--or sell, overstock items. We bring you the latest in the most sophisticated in shoe trends and styles, not someone's leftovers. We never overstock items, or overstock items on other sites where you payless.

We are simply the place to go for great glam this season, where you will payless for the hottest, and latest shoes. Never overstock! We add new products each and every week, so make sure to check back often, and check out our "New Arrivals" page each time you visit!

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